What’s An Ad Agency? What’s A Search Agency?

Ad/Search Agency Convergence
from Hollis Thomases at ClickZ looks at when an
ad agency is NOT also and SEM firm or more to the point, how they can’t be when
paid search is making up so much of online ad spend.

The slant seems more on the pure-play SEM firms suggesting that ad agencies
can’t do well in the search world. From my experience, that’s not just a
marketing pitch by the firms. It’s often the reality. But it depends on the ad
firm you’re talking about.

A pure play creative ad shop? Search is going to be weird, strange and not
really what they do. If they need it, they’re far more likely to outsource to
someone else to do it.

In the end, you’re going to continue to have a spectrum of agencies — SEMs
that focus just on search and everything to do with search (feeds, local,
shopping, web, and free and organic listings in all of those), interactive
agencies that do search along with other buys, traditional agencies that may or
may not take on some interactive roles.

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