Dynamically Search and Browse RSS News Headlines

Last week I authored a SearchDay article about Surfwax making their dynamic search navigation technology, LookAhead, available to any webmaster to license and use on their site(s). LookAhead can potentially help the searcher focus a news or RSS search with very little effort before clicking the search button. In other words, dynamic search navigation can save search time and provide them with better results with very little effort.

Now, Surfwax, the providers of LookAhead are offering a free RSS search tool that demonstrates the technology. Here’s how it works.

+ Go to http://lookahead.surfwax.com/rss-index.html and begin entering terms hat might be of interest to you.
+ As you enter terms, the TITLES of potentially useful posts will begin appearing in a box directly below the search box. The list also contains the source of the post and the time it was posted.
+ Now, click the title/headline and you?ll be taken DIRECTLY to the article or blog post. That’s right, now search results page to review.
+ Remember, your search terms are ?rotated,? so you?ll see useful headlines regardless of what order you enter your search terms.

Users are encouraged to suggest feeds for the service to crawl. We?ve also learned that a larger index will be released very soon.

Here?s a list of just a few other services that provide similar types of services:

+ WikiWax from Surfwax
+ News Accumulator from Surfwax
+ Snap Suggest from Snap.com
+ Pinpoint Shopping from AOL
+ Google Suggest

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