Search Marketer A Candidate On The Apprentice

Promediacorp (Avi Wilensky) at our SEW Forums dropped me
a note to say one of the contestants on the current series of
The Apprentice:
Martha Stewart
hails from the world of SEO. The contestant is

David Karandish
, who is described on The Apprentice site as "owner and
creator of an internet advertising company." His company is over
where SEO is the first solution listed. Aaron at SEO Book
jokes "please take
note to how & when he spams the show with product placement, keyword density,
and the like." But seriously, it will be interesting to see if SEO and search
marketing gets a nod as the show progresses.

Postscript: David writes with word of his blog, which you’ll find
here. So far, only one brief
about the show, but keep an eye on it.

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