A Google Calendar and Some Domain Name Research

As someone who watches Google domain names closely, I learned about this post on the Google Addiction Blog that points out that GCalendar.com (an online Google calendar?) is a domain name that’s currently registered to Data Docket, an Idaho company that often “holds” domains in their name (so nosy researcher types (-: don’t get clued in) to new Google services until the service or search tool is just about ready for launch. I’ve seen the Data Docket many times in the past.

Here’s a recent example of Data Docket’s involvement with Google, specifically, Google Earth. Before Google Earth was officially released, the domain name was registered to Data Docket. On May 31st, the domain was transferred to Google Inc. (and Google domain servers) just a few weeks before Google Earth launched.

So, does this mean that a Google has plans to release an online calendar program very soon? Who knows? Let’s watch and see if GCalendar’s registration moves to Google sometime soon. That said, I don’t think many would be surprised if/when they do offer some form of online calendar.

A few more facts. The GCalendar.com domain has been registered since 2004. However, it hasn’t always been registered to Data Docket. Using a WHOIS History database I was able to track down the following:

  • GCalendar was first registered in April, 2004
  • In September, 2004, the WHOIS History database shows GCalendar was registred to Guido Pantnella in Walnut Creek, CA.
  • On October 6, 2004, the domain was transferred to Trout & Zimmer, a Burbank, CA firm that helps companies register/acquire domains.
  • On July 7, 2005, the domain was transferred to Data Docket.

Finally, what do we know, at least for now, about Data Docket? Not much. We do know that is is a registered corporation in Utah. You can see for yourself here by entering Data Docket into the “Business Entity” field in in this Idaho public records database.

I’m sure as more and more people become aware of a Data Docket/Google relationship, I would expect see Google having another company “hold” domain names until they’re ready for launch. Oh well!

Postscript: In case you’re wondering, GCalendar.net is also registered to Data Docket. GCalendar.org is registered to Trout & Zimmer, another organization mentioned in this report.

Postscript: Google Addiction is now reporting that calendar.google.com now points to Google.

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