Google House Ads In AdSense On Non-Google Sites

I wrote
of issues some have with Google running house ads for its own
products in Google search results.
Their Own Dog Food
from Andrew Goodman looks at the flipside, Google house
ads running in AdSense ads on sites outside of Google. "I wonder if publishers
get paid for these clicks?," he asks. Good question — I’ll see if I can find
out. It seems like they should.

Postscript: Chris Ridings writes to say, nope, Google doesn’t pay for
those ads. See section 11 of the AdSense

Google shall not be liable for any payment based on….(d) Google
advertisements for its own products and/or services;

Postscript 2: Jen Slegg emailed me and also
on her blog that publishers ARE PAID for these ads, according to what Google
tells her. Andrew’s also posted a
saying he’s been told the same.

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