SEO Still A Low Priority for Many Marketers When Compared with Paid Search

A brief Media Daily article titled: Marketers Slow To Embrace Optimization, Say Search Experts, reports on a panel of heavy hitters that took place at the OMMA East conference yesterday in New York. The audience was told that they need to both opitimize their web sites for web crawlers and also run cost-per-click campaigns.

Gord Hotchkiss from Enquiro told the audience that still SEO remains a low priority as compared to paid search for many marketers.


“Search marketing can be done as a stand-alone strategy,” said Hotchkiss, referring to paid campaigns. “But we don’t recommend that.” – Gord Hotchkiss

“A lot of people still see SEO as sort of ‘black magic.” – Alan Boughen, mOne

Often marketing departments and the IT departments are not coordinating to get the job done. “Sometimes you’ll get brought in by the marketing folks and they won’t even consult the IT department,” he said. “It comes down to organizational commitment.”
– Rob Murray, iProspect

Also on the panel were Chris Copeland, Outrider and Jeremy Cornfeldt, Carat Fusion.

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