Preview New Saved Searches & Clip Feature At AOL Search

While I was looking at the AOL Search home page this afternoon, I noticed some text (near the bottom the page) that invited me “preview new features” as AOL continues to enhance its search site. So, what did I find?

After clicking the preview url ( I arrived at a page that allowed me to save my searches. Look for the green box and scissors icon on the right side of the page. Clicking this green box took me to another page where I could turn off the feature and erase everything (searches are saved for 30 days) or sort my past clips and searches by when it was saved or what I searched for.

Web search results page also allow you to easily clip and save results. For example, I searched for “Search Engine Watch” and was allowed to clip results (note how the scissors icon moves from result to result). Clicking the icon saves a copy of the result link and snippet. It does not save the full text of the underlying page. It’s also possible to clip and save sponsored links. You you can “clip” up to 25 results per search.

I was not asked to sign-in with my AOL ID to preview. However, I would imagine that in the future, signing-in will allow me to view my saved results and searches on any computer. Make sure to take the proper safety precautions if you share your computer with others.

A final note, this time on image searching.

When you run an image search, here’s a set of thumbnail results for “Golden Gate Bridge” the image(s) you clicks appears along with the full page of where the image appears embedded on the page directly below the selected image.

Remember, this is a preview and not all features work with all search types. Still, it’s good to see AOL continuing to improve their web search offerings. Kudos. Given the ephemeral nature of the web, I would love to see AOL begin offering what others (Filangy, Yahoo, etc) offer and begin locally caching copies of pages viewed by the searcher for future reference and use.

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