Search Pulling From Banner Ad Spend

An article in New Media Age UK titled: Long-time advertisers are abandoning banner ads in favour of search, includes comments about how firms that have been the “backbone” of Net advertising for years are moving into search marketing.

Eric Abensur from Wanadoo UK and Giles Ivey from AOL both say that big-volume advertisers are switching their spending from display ads and banners into search.

Media agency Unique Digital says it has been seeing this from finance, retail and travel brands, with some putting up to 20% of their budgets into search. “It’s primarily advertisers that are looking for a direct response,” said the agency’s media director Martin Kelly. “Search is an easy win, but it’s not a long-term solution.”

While Abensur and Ivey are postive about large companies moving from banners to search spending, Phil Macauley, head of planning and strategy at Yahoo Europe, says:

Direct response advertisers are increasing their media spend online as a whole, both in branded advertising and sponsored search. But they’re moving it away from other media, rather than moving budgets around within online.”

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