Yahoo Site Explorer Live: New Way To See All Your Pages, Links

Promised over a month ago,
Yahoo Site Explorer
is now reality. Yahoo gives the heads-up to everyone
here on its Yahoo
Search Blog, and how it will show you all pages within a domain, within a
particular directory of a domain, all inbound links to a domain and the ability
to bulk submit (which
was already live earlier and explained more in our earlier post). You can also
access through a new
Site Explorer API
or export data for further analysis. More details also on
the help

If you’re a Search Engine Watch
member, I do a
through exploration of Site Explorer in this

in the members area. Check it out! Or hey, help support the site and
the blog by becoming
an SEW member! Below, a summary of my wish list items and observations from that

members’ article

  • You can see all pages from all domains, one domain, or a directory/section
    within a domain
  • You can NOT  pattern match to find all URLs from a domain,
  • You can see all links to a specific page or a domain
  • You can NOT exclude your own links, very unfortunately
  • You can export data, but only the first 50 items, unfortunately
  • Search commands such as link: aren’t supported, and I hope that might come
  • You can get a feed of your top pages, but I want a feed of backlinks to
    inform me of new ones that are found. Site owners deserve just as much fun as
    blog owners in knowing about new links to them.

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our Search Engine Watch Forums thread,
Yahoo Site
Explorer Now Live!

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