Feedster Plans Self-Serve RSS Ad Program

According to a Media Daily News article: Feedster to Release New RSS Ad Product, placing advertising in Feedster RSS feeds will become even easier in the next few weeks when the RSS search tool launches a new, “self-service” program (aka AdSense like) as compared to the RSS ad program Feedster currently provides.

The Media Daily News also reports that Feedster will release a “feed-profiling tool” later this year.

The product, Redlitz said, will profile a blogger’s feeds using Feedster’s index–and will deliver ads based on the overall content of the feed over time, not individual posts. For example, a blogger who writes about politics 80 percent of the time would still receive politically relevant ads the other 20 percent of the time when he blogs about, say, his cat.

Just a thought. For many RSS users the lack of advertising, to this point, is a reason I frequently hear as one of the reasons they like it so much. I wonder if increased advertising, any advertising for that matter, will stop current users from using RSS and slow its growth and acceptance with people who haven’t tried it.

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