Local Matters Goes After Local Search Tech Market

The eWeek article, MapQuest Founder Chases Local Search Crown, offers a look at a new local search technology player, Local Matters, and its founder Perry Evans.

Evans was also the founder of MapQuest and a co-founder of Jabber, IM technology. We first blogged about Local Matters in May. The company plans to license its local search technology platform to providers of Yellow Pages.

By returning search results for small businesses that do not have Web sites, Evans argues that his company can outperform local search services from Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp., America Online Inc. and Amazon.com’s A9 engine…”Local search is a booming business, but Google and Yahoo are offering a very limited experience. The content they provide is not pervasive about local business and that gives us a big advantage. There’s no better place to find local business data than the Yellow Pages,” Evans said.

The article goes on to say that Local Matters will offer mobile search (via SMS) and the ability to “shuttle” results to wireless devices. This sounds similar to how you can quickly send results from Yahoo Local to a mobile phone. Perry Evans also tells eWeek that future versions of the Local Matters platform will include the use of “widget” technology like what’s seen from Apple and Yahoo’s Konfabulator.

We’re already playing with widgets quite a bit and we think we can do something there to present personal local lists on demand. That’s an exciting area for us.”

Postscript: For more about Perry Evans and Local Matters check out this interview he did with Adena Schutzberg and Joe Francica in Directions Magazine. We’ve also learned that Evans will be the keynote speaker at the Location Intelligence Conference in April.

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