Google Plans AdWords Commercial Developer Program

Google will soon be offering enhanced access to its AdWords API, along with membership in a newly formed AdWords Developer Council, to commercial developers who have pushed up against the limits of the existing program.

Google has provided free access to its AdWords API since January. It’s most often used by AdWords customers who handle multiple accounts, such as agencies and search marketing firms. API access allows developers to extend AdWords functionality to do things such as automatically generating keywords, ad text or custom reports, or integrate with other databases, such as inventory control systems.

The catch has always been that Google limits the use of this API according to a quota that’s assigned based on the number of clients you manage and your total account spend. Use your quota for the month and your access is shut off until the beginning of the next month.

The new Commercial Developer Program is intended to address the needs of developers who exceed their monthly quotas. For an additional fee, developers will be able to increase their monthly quotas, and will also be provided with priority level developer support. They will also become members of the AdWords Developer Council, a group created to share best practices and meet regularly with Google engineers involved in the AdWords program.

Developers will be able to sign up for the new program in December, and the program will go live in January. Google isn’t publicly disclosing the pricing structure of the new developer program, a practice it says is common.

For more information on the Google AdWords API, see the AdWords API FAQ.

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