Ask Jeeves Smart Search Makes Basic TV Program Reference Info a Click Away

When Ask Jeeves (aka launched a slew of new Smart Search options in August I briefly mentioned that info about tv programs was now part of the Smart Search service. However, it was just in the last day or two that I realized the number of tv programs AJ offers Smart Answer boxes for.

Smart Search boxes for television programs often contain a plot overview, link to the official site, episode guides, images, and links to purchase DVD’s (if available). I’ve found Smart Answers for shows currently airing like The OC, 24, Law and Order and The Simpsons. A search for “The Office” shows Smart Answers for both the NBC and BBC versions. Nice. Classics programs including The Andy Griffith Show, Saturday Night Live, The Twilight Zone are Smart Search ready. Even cartoons like Speed Racer and The Flintstones are included.

Ask provides some of the show reference info from and

Let’s hope Ask continues to develop this and other Smart Search research tools with more related links and in the case of tv, video clips.

Postscript: I even noticed Smart Answer boxes (on for UK tv classics like Fawlty Towers and Eastenders.

Postscript 2: I also spotted some tv-related Smart Answers on Ask Jeeves UK.

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