Will Now Host and Serve Your Video Content is joining others, namely the Google Video Upload program, in allowing users to upload and any all video content for free. The service is called In other words, will now host and serve your video content for free. Searchers/viewers will also be able to watch your online video for free but eventually give owners a chance to sell access to their content.” We’ve also heard talk about Google possibly doing the same thing.

Like the Google Video Uploaded program, Blinkx will serve the video in Adobe’s Flash Format. Unlike submitted video material at Google, material submitted to Blinkx will be “transcript” searchable. So, if your friend says, “This is an awful vacation,” on a video you submit, you’ll be able to search those words and go directly to that portion of the video.

At launch, My only plans to feature noncommercial video content (aka video blogs) however, according to this InfoWorld story, “the company intends to strike deals with commercial video producers to include their videos in the service as well.”

I’m curious to see how good Blinkx does in finding and removing material still in-copyright from the service. The same goes for Google, where I still easily find in-copyright content that’s viewable. Just yesterday, the Google Video homepage that now offers suggested “random videos”, suggested a several minute clip of Late Night With Conan O’Brien taped off of NBC.

More about My in the InfoWorld story: Blinkx improves multimedia search engine.

Btw, also offers transcript search of podcasts.

Note: Video search services, along with adding user submitted video ( there are sure a lot of Jackass wannabees out there) what about working with producers, often educational organizations, of video and audio lectures (, MIT World, and thousands of other new and archived sources of lectures, special presentations, etc.) and make sure there content is regularly crawled and added to your databases?

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