Yahoo Accused of Trying to Steal Trade Secrets

It seems like everyday we have a story involving lawyers, courts, and search companies Today, is no different. reports that Nuance Communications, a California speech technology company, has asked a California court to place a temporarily restraining order on about 12 speech engineers who left Nuance and are now doing interactive speech work at Yahoo. The lawsuit claims that Yahoo is trying to steal trade secrets.

In its court documents, Nuance alleges that Yahoo “gutted” its research and development unit and hired away 13 of its engineers. Nuance also alleges that its former vice president of research and development, Larry Heck, helped Yahoo hire a dozen of his engineering staff.

“We think the complaint is completely without merit and we are going to defend ourselves vigorously,” said Yahoo spokeswoman Kiersten Hollars. She declined to offer further comment.

Btw, did you Yahoo offers a service called Yahoo by Phone that allows you to get sports scores, weather, contact info (from your contact folder), and even listen to your email (not just Yahoo Mail) over the telephone? It costs $4.95/month.

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