New Video Engine Debuts; Chat With Founder of TVEyes/Podscope

Two video search items on my desktop today.

First, word of a new video search engine named SearchforVideo. I plan to take a longer look at this one in the future but for now I can report:

+ RSS based Keyword Alerts Available
+ Desktop Search App Available
+ Video clips come from a wide variety of sources including local tv stations (for example, here are a few I found via KNBC in LA)*, Wall Street Journal, MSN Video, Yahoo News, Fox Sports
+ Appears many of the local tv station video clips come via, another company we’ve blogged about in the past.
+ Default sort of search results is by date (most recent first)
+ From what I can tell you’re conducting a metadata search, in other words you are not searching every word spoken in a video clip
+ Ability to submit your RSS video feed.

After a quick look, SearchforVideo reminds me of a metasearch video service for new, often news video content, that compiles material from numerous sources.

Second, for months I’be been blogging about TVEyes (a fee-based service) that is well worth checking out especially for those of you who monitor media mentions and their free, Podscope service that allows you to keyword search transcripts of podcasts. Today, Robin Good has a great interview with the founder of the company, David Ives. An audio version of the interview is also available. Btw, TVEyes/Podscope just signed a deal with AOL.

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