Google Enterprise OK For US Government Secrets?

Google: Fit for
intelligence work?
from Federal Computer Week looks at Google’s enterprise
search being used by some US government networks and some experts questioning
whether the technology is "unfit" for classified work. But some Google
enterprise "teammates," info tech firms trained to develop Google enterprise and
bring it into security settings, say it’s OK.

When one expert says, "For those things that Google does find, it will rank
them based on popularity," it doesn’t sound like they understand the enterprise

Yes, popularity is key in Google web search results. But it’s not really an
issue to my knowledge with non-web enterprise data. However, the point of Google
enterprise not really being a tool for spotting patterns sounds right.

FYI, Gary
last year that Convera has been tapped by agencies such as the CIA for
search needs. The CIA
into Inktomi technology back in 2002. In 2001, CIA-backed
Stratify to help spot patterns.

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