Hitwise Blogs Search Stats

Hitwise is a great source of data about
what people search for, and Bill Tancer over there who heads global research has
started up a new blog here
already filled with some nice gems.

Search Term Pairs
looks at spikes for searches on engagement rings versus
wedding dresses.

Notes from Vegas: Search Terms and the Competitive Substitute
looks at how
searches for online poker go up as sports betting drop, making him wonder if the
same people are doing both but can’t afford to do both at the same time.

Batman is in, Elmo is out
tells me the Thunderbirds costumes I got for the
kids for Halloween aren’t making the top ten list of terms containing costumes.
Guess I should be dressing them up like pirates, the top term, or Batman, the
second. Pirate was a top term last year. Elmo, it turns out, is not.

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