Top Ten List Of Search Ranking Factors

Earlier I posted
about Rand Fiskin’s list of search ranking factors and how I wished they could
be rated in order of importance. As I later wrote, Rand
invited some
people to take a stab at doing that. Today, he’s
the revised list, as he explains more
here. Below is the top
ten list and average scores (5.0 would be the highest you could get, meaning it
was deemed super important).

  1. Title Tag – 4.57
  2. Anchor Text of Links – 4.46
  3. Keyword Use in Document Text – 4.38
  4. Accessibility of Document – 4.31
  5. Links to Document from Site-Internal Pages – 4.15
  6. Primary Subject Matter of Site – 4.00
  7. External Links to Linking Pages – 3.92
  8. Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community – 3.77
  9. Global Link Popularity of Site – 3.69
  10. Keyword Spamming – 3.69

Overall, I had a few problems with some of the things even included on the list
and how they were defined. There were some factors I didn’t think were well
explained or unclear on how to vote. But the good news is that what emerged is
an excellent starting list of factors for anyone to consider.

Using this

, you can go through and see the factors with contributor comments. For
Search Engine Watch
continue to the longer version of this post for a further rundown
on my comments about the most important factors.

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