Gets Top 100 Blog List has a new Blog 100 list, including a search and media blogs
category. There’s no page for that category I can point you at, but
Threadwatch made the list, and you can
see the write-up here
(congrats, Nick!). From there, you can see other search blogs. Well, you can see
the only other search blog on the list, John Battelle’s
Searchblog (congrats, John!), written up

Despite often citing our Search Engine Watch Blog, we suck and don’t
make the list. In reaction, we’re going all Googly and not speaking to
until June 2006 unless added to the list. Just joking! (and the two are
talking again,

Think we ought to be on the list? Hey, help us out and drop a polite word to

. Pretty please, with sugar on top? If not for me, how about Gary? He
works so hard, and he always gets down if we don’t make lists like this.

You might also mention adding Barry’s
Search Engine Roundtable
or Google
, among others. Other search blogs? Surely there can’t be more!
Absolutely, and a good starting place is our
blog roll of search
. We even list 🙂

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