Weblogs.com Ping Server Bought By Verisign

Dave Winer’s Weblogs.com ping service
has been purchased by Verisign. Dave does a rundown on the sale
here. Verisign
does a rundown
Why do you care? You probably don’t need to.

Blog search engines and feed reading services can and do
take pings from Weblogs to
understand when content is updated. But it’s not the only service you can ping,
if you want to send out notifications.

But why wouldn’t you depend on pining Weblogs? Right now, there’s no reason
not to. But while Verisign pledges pinging will remain free, it also talks about
adding “value added services” for a fee. Potentially, that could mean getting
some pings out faster than others. Or not. We don’t know, and it remains a
“we’ll see type of thing.”

The main point is this. Ultimately, I think pinging will be heading down a
path of pinging the most important places in addition to any centralized server.
So if Weblogs suddenly did get all into charging for rapid response, you’d still
be able to notify other places despite it.

For example, you can (and should) ping Yahoo directly as explained
here. Yahoo
doesn’t need to wait for you ping Weblogs or even
(the service Yahoo
in June).

Technorati has its own ping
, and I expect that any major player may ultimately have their own,
perhaps with registration barriers or other systems to cutdown on ping spam. Any
smart marketer will hit these in addition to a centralized server.

The entire pinging thing got you down/head spinning? Basically, most of this
is probably built into the blogging tool you use. But a good starting place for
more is Ping-o-Matic, which helps you send
pings manually if you need to, plus has useful background.

By the way, in addition to Verisign buying Weblogs.com, the ping system, AOL
yesterday bought
the entirely different Weblogs Inc. network of blog sites.

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