Google Opens Lobbying Office In Washington D.C.

It looks like I have some new company here in DC, Google. According to Andrew McLaughlin, a Google Senior Policy Advocate, big “G” has opened an office here.

The Google Blog says that Alan Davidson, will lead Google’s lobbying efforts. Key issues that Davidson will be working on many issues including:

+ Net neutrality
From the blog, “hould network operators be able to block their customers from reaching competing websites and services (such as Internet voice calls and video-on-demand)? Should they be able to speed up their own sites and services, while degrading those offered by competitors? Should an innovator with a new online service or application be forced to get permission from each broadband cable and DSL provider before rolling it out?”

+ Copyrights and fair use
Quite the popular issue these days given the Google Library Project

+ Intermediary liability
From the blog, “Not surprisingly, we don?t believe the Internet works well if intermediaries and ISPs are held liable for things created by others but made searchable through us.”

Much more in the Google Blog post: Google goes to Washington.

Postscript: Yahoo has had an government affairs office here in D.C. since 1999. You can read a bit about it in here and here.

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