Barry Diller Chats with Battelle at Web 2.0

Several sources including Red Herring, SearchViews and Clickz all offer highlights of John Battelle’s conversation with the new owner of Ask Jeeves (I mean Barry Diller at Web 2.0.

Here are a few highlights:

From Red Herring:

?I see my company getting involved in making product in the vernacular?producing, financing, distributing film and digital products,? said Mr. Diller. ?That?s something that comes naturally. Everything is going to end up being in digital [format].?

IAC/InterActive fist considered acquiring AOL.

?We first thought AOL was it,? he said. ?How was the price tag? Let me say it was high.?

Why Search?

?We started this journey a few years ago when we were very worried about global search because we thought it could distintermediate our business,? he said.

On Internet Advertising

?The migration of advertisers is going to keep on coming to the Internet,? he said. ?So, we thought, ?if we fail, and we don?t gain share, this will be OK.??

From SearchViews
Diller Talks Google

Battelle: What comes to mind when you think of Google?
Diller: You mean the evil that I would do to them?
Battelle: Does Google bother you?
Diller: No, why would they bother me? They’re the first to clean the page up and offer just the box – genius. And then they delivered relevant results.

Josh Stylman and Peter Hershberg from SearchViews offer their “take away” from the Diller/Battelle conversation. They say that Ask/IAC does not plan to “out-Google Google” but IAC is, “going to focus on trying to be a totally differentiated service.

From Clickz
Diller Talks More Google

“It’s a great service. Is it going to have 35 to 50 percent market share over time? Anything can happen.”

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