Welcome Back, I-Search Mailing List & Detlev!

SES moderator Detlev Johnson has resurrected the twice-weekely moderated discussion list that was once one of the few sources of regular interaction for the search marketing community back in the early days. The long-lost I-Search discussion list, originaly moderated by Marshall Simmonds, predated most search forums, and was a regular hangout for most of us back then.

Detlev’s new mailing list is named, appropriately enough, SearchReturn, and it has all the familiar trappings of I-Search. One of the nicest aspects of the list is that it’s carefully moderated by Detlev, so you only get on-topic, thoughtful posts in the twice-weekly mailings.

It’s free to sign up for SearchReturn. It’s also available as an RSS feed, and you can also check out the online archives of past editions. More information is available here.

Andrew Goodman, the last editor of I-Search before it died, created his own discussion list that’s also worth checking out. SEM 2.0 is an invitation-only Google group, and members are expected to have intermediate to advanced search marketing experience to join.

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