A Free General Reference Newsletter (Fun Too!)

I thought I would toss out an FFU (free, fun, useful) monthly newsletter.

This newsletter is provided by The World Almanac and Book of Facts, a classic and authoritative reference book that’s published annually. In fact, it’s one of the best-selling (if not the best-selling) American reference books of all time. Its been published since the 1860’s. Some online services make it available electronically as well as being available for Palm devices.

OK, now the free stuff. Each month on The World Almanac web site provides a useful monthly newsletter (free) of (key events, holidays, national days, etc), a review of news from the previous month, celebrity birthdays, obits, historical info (This Day in History), and more. The newsletter is lots of fun to browse, yes, browse.

Access to the newsletter is easy and about as straightforward as it gets. Simply head to The World Almanac site and look for the “Free World Almanac Newsletter” link. Here’s a link to the current (October 2005) issue. An archive of all newsletters back to 2001 is also available. You can even receive the newsletter by email.

This might be the type of resource you’ll want to cache locally (My Web, FURL, Google Desktop, Filangy, etc.) and turn into an easy to use searchable database of fast facts. Of course, you can also limit your search to site:worldalmanac.com [foo] and search most of the material.

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