Sergey Brin: The Video Lecture

Several weeks ago Danny blogged about Professor Marti Hearst’s “awesome” UC Berkeley class featuring many presentations by some of the biggest names in the search biz including Battelle, Pedersen, Norvig, Dumais, Horowitz and MANY others. Even more exciting, all of the lectures are on the web and archived.

This past week it was Sergey Brin’s turn to speak to SIMS 141: Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business.

View the lecture here (RealVideo). It runs about 40 minutes.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Brin’s presentation yet, I will, but this news release offers a few highlights and quotes:

Casual and relaxed, Brin talked about how Google came to be, answered students’ questions, and showed that someone worth $11 billion (give or take a billion) still can be comfortable in an old pair of blue jeans.

…it was his unspoken message that was most powerful: To those with focus and passion, all things are possible.

Simple ideas sometimes can change the world, he said.

On Wikipedia: This is a simple idea ? one you would assume would not work, but it does, said Brin. One reason is scale: it taps the power and potential of a global audience.

We believed we could build a better search. We had a simple idea, that not all pages are created equal. Some are more important,” related Brin.

On Other Companies — Microsoft?

Burning up time and energy worrying about what other companies are doing is a mistake, he said. Instead, think about where you and your enterprise are going, your ambitions and your hopes.

Brin also touched on free speech issues in China and what role, if any, Google could play in ending the digital divide.

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