Searching (or Not) With Spam Google

Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped fame has a new parody site online today called Spam Google. The site’s slogan is, “Just the Noise.” If you click the “Our Technology” link on the Spam Google homepage you’ll see that Spam Google utilizes Google’s well-known pigeon rank technology. (-:

Lenssen writes on his blog:

At the new, you?ll find nothing but… spam! If you?re also tired of web pages not trying to sell you something, endless explanatory stuff from university servers, or blogs without Google ads, this is for you. You can learn the latest about cheap viagra, poker parties, or download just the spyware you need...Best of all, sites in the Spam Google index try to rip you off by being relevant to your search. And isn?t that what Google is all about, relevancy?

Those are some very tough and critical words from Phillip towards Google but it goes without saying that spam is not only an issue for Gogole but one for all general-purpose web engines. They also say something about the commercialization of the web in general.

Back in April, Lenssen unveiled another Google site, Google April Fools.

Postscript: For the techies out there, Phillip shared the following with me about how Spam Google works:

Internally, Spam Google makes use of the Google API along with PHP5. For every user query, only a certain subset of “spam” sites is being searched through. In other words, what you see on the SERPs is a sub-set of Google results… and a noisy one at that. Also, there’s some easter-eggs hidden in the application, some making use of the Yahoo API.

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