Zunch Execs Depart, Form New Company Kinetic

Kevin Ryan, known to many for his search
column at
iMedia Connection, has departed along with four other
Zunch Communications executives to restart a
new firm called Kinetic Results.

Ryan joined Zunch only about
two months ago, back at the end of July. He was the chief strategy officer for
Zunch. Before joining Zunch, he was at Kinetic, the firm he appears to have
created after departing from Did-It. He
Did-It in December 2004 but left soon after. Prior to Did-It, he worked for
Wahlstrom Interactive.

Departing with Ryan from Zunch are Giovanni Gallucci, Zunch’s former
president and COO; Tony Wright, the former chief interactive marketing officer;
Anthony Zapata, the former director of business development; and Dave Wilkie,
the former executive vice president. More details can be found in

Kinetics press release.

Andy Beal, Zunch has

its own press release about the departures, saying executive
positions created prior to its growth needed to be restructured to omit "red
tape that slowed us down."

When Ryan was hired about two months ago, Zunch
the opposite, that creating a new position and bringing in Ryan was to help
usher in a "new phase" for the company.

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