Yahoo Should Let News Search Users Know What a Blog Is; Search Only Blogs From Yahoo News/Blog Integration

I would like to add just two words to Danny’s excellent overview of the news/blog integration at Yahoo News. The words are are definitions and explanations.

Here’s a search for [iraq army]

Ok, I see the news results. Fine.

But on the right side of the page I see “Blogs Beta.” If you weren’t aware of what a blog was (isn’t Yahoo trying to reach out to new blog users with a service like this?), it would make little to no sense

Why isn’t their a link or pop-over in place to explain:
+ Whis is a blog?
+ What are blog posts?
+ What’s the difference between a blog post and a news story?
+ Who writes blogs?
+ Are you interested in blogging?

Even if I click the “More Blog Results” link I come to a page with more results but no information about what I’m seeing and how it might be differ from what I’m used to.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, some of us (aka those who know and use blogs, define them as you like) forget that the masses often don’t have a clear understanding of what blogs are and why they might be useful. If blogs/RSS/etc are going to become more widely adopted, some explanation and guidance is needed. The massive readership at Yahoo News might just be the one of the places to do it.

Just Blogs
Btw, if you’re intererested in searching ONLY blogs in the Yahoo News/blog mashup Yahoo’s RSS/Blog search tool arrives, it’s easy and I’m sure within minutes of the time someone reads this post, they’ll have created an interface to make it even easier.

To limit your search to blogs in the Yahoo News/Blog integration, use the search string:
and replace what comes after “foo” with your search terms.

* For example:
will return blogs that mention Mr. Pirillo.

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