Brin Comments On No Office Suite Plans, Not Producing Original Content & More

In case you missed it, John
points out that Google cofounder Sergey Brin made a surprise appearance at
his Web 2.0 conference last week. Sergey Brin: No office
suite…for now
at ZDNet has coverage of Brin saying Google has no plans to
do an office suite. But then again, he also talks about plans to make working
with documents to be much easier, so we’ll see if "no office suite" means "no
software-based office suite."

Asked if there was anything Google wouldn’t go into,
he didn’t really seem to answer, instead saying Google’s success has "nothing to
do with what an executive said was a good idea."

Sergey Brin unplugged at Web 2.0
has additional comments from Brin on being lucky as a start-up, focusing on
giving people access to content done by others rather than producing original
content and more.

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