Looking For Secret Google Subdomains

With all the watching of Google subdomains and what they might indicate, such
over a Google Calendar, Google Blogoscoped
points to
research Tony Ruscoe did to try and uncover any hidden Google subdomains out
there. After scanning 60,000 words. Tony tells more in
Google Subdomains,
mainly that he didn’t find much of interst. He also points to an earlier bit of
research done by Jeff Palm

If you’re looking for a growing list of domains that Google has officially registered (some held by a holding company these often used) Gary has put together this unofficial compilation that he has expanded several times during the past week. Many of these domains are not active but could share some light on current and past Google projects. Three domains registered to Google Gary’s discovered in the past day or so include:

+ Googlemastercard.com (Hmm, a bit of Google plastic in the works?)

+ GoogleBuyers.com

+ GoogleMother****er.com

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