Yahoo Blog Search Gets RSS Feed

Yahoo dropped me a note to tell me one of my complaints about its new blog
search service
has been solved. You can get an RSS feed of blog matches now! In
fact, it was supposed to be there from the start but just wasn’t working right a
launch, Yahoo says. OK, let’s do the how to:

  1. Do your search at Yahoo News for something — say

  2. Go over to the right hand side of the page, find the Blogs box, and click
    on the More Blog Results link.
  3. Look at the bottom of the page that comes up next, full of blog results.
    Find the Topic Tracker box. That will let you subscribe to the search in My
    Yahoo or you can use the orange XML box to get the RSS feed.

That’s it. Thank you, Yahoo!

Postscript from Gary: On a related note, in my post about Yahoo’s changes to News Search I added a bit about being able to search to only blog material from the outset. It basically involves appending your terms to a specific url.

Postscript from Gary 2: Forget the messy url, see this post about a Yahoo “blog only” search box.

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