Bloglines Announces Enhancements To Service

Mark Fletcher (a very nice guy by the way) and his Bloglines team are announcing several new enchancements to the Bloglines web-based news aggregator this afternoon and we’ve got a quick peek. Expect more on the AJ Blog (or is the Blog?) shortly.

Keyboard Hotkeys

  • New keyboard shortcuts (aka Hotkeys)
    Don’t like the mouse? Can you navigate more quickly (how about less scrolling?) with the keyboard? Then these might be of use. You’ll find a link to what Hotkeys are available at the bottom of each feed. I’ve also posted a screen cap here.
  • Colons Coming: Unread vs. Keep As New Note: When I tested this new feature it appeared not to be live yet. There’s a difference between “Unread” articles and those marked “Keep as New” (subtle, but distinct), so you will now see two numbers next to your subscribed feeds in parentheses. The number to the left of the colon represents the articles you have not read/seen before, and the number on the right represents the articles you have manually kept new.

Mobile Bloglines
I’ve said before (including another mention today) how much I like Bloglines Mobile. So, what’s new?

    • Embedded Media Access to enclosure links in blog articles, allowing you to view images or listen to your favorite podcasts from your mobile device. I’m assuming you’re going to need a mobile MP3 player like Pocket Tunes, Real, MS Player, etc.) to access podcasts. Regardless, great idea and a true time saver.


  • You can now use the “Keep as New” option for articles you have previously read, allowing you to scroll through as many articles as you want and come back to them later.


The Universal Inbox Keeps Growing

  • The Bloglines Universal Inbox initiative grew today with new types of information becoming available via the service. Today, accecss to horoscopes and winning lottery numbers (they might go well together (-;) were added. Other Universal Inbox data includes package tracking data and local weather info.

Postscript: The AJ Blog has been updated with news of these new features.

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