Craigslist Says No To Oodle’s Scraping

Via John Battelle,

that classified ads search engine
Oodle has
been asked by Craigslist to stop scraping their listings. Oodle says most
listings, 80 percent, don’t come from Craigslist. Still, Craiglist has great
data, and it’s a blow for those to be gone. Looking over at Google, I see
Craiglist seems to have no problem of Google
indexing 12
million of its pages. Of course, there’s a difference between indexing a page
and scraping the content to be included in a more vertical service. Meanwhile,
HousingMaps, a blend of Google Maps
and Craigslist seems still OK. John’s seeking reaction from Craiglist, so keep
an eye out over there.

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