SEW Blog Weather Report: Expect Light Postings!

The SEW editors are traveling around or on vacation over the next three
weeks, and I thought it might be helpful to give a rundown, in case you’re
wondering why one or more of us may have seen to have gone quiet. It’s also a
pretty bad time to be asking us about doing briefings. We’ll pick up things like
that more when we return. On the other hand, have no fear — the blog will still
be posted with important items. Here’s the rundown:

  • This week: Chris Sherman and I are at SES Stockholm, while Gary
    largely watches over the blog.
  • Next week: I’m on vacation, though I expect to spend one day
    picking up a few items. I’m also going to be at the
    SEW Forums Live
    in Anaheim, California this week. Chris will be on vacation also. So
    mostly, it will be Gary manning the fort. But Gary’s also doing some traveling
    of his own and also speaking at the Internet Librarian conference.
  • Week of Oct. 31: I’m still on vacation, Gary’s on vacation, but
    Chris is back and will be taking care of you all via the blog.
  • Week of Nov. 7: We’re all back!

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