Good Clickthroughs Like Getting An Ad Discount

Brand Discounts at the Major Engines
has Kevin Lee talking about a brand discount, but don’t get excited that big
brands are somehow overtly getting cheaper ads. What he’s pointing out is that
both Google and Ask Jeeves reward ads with good clickthrough, as I wrote
about last
week. You can potentially rank higher even if others are willing to pay more.
MSN is to do the same, and it’s widely
Yahoo will follow as well next year.

So what’s the brand discount
concept? If you’re a big brand, when your product goes against unknown products,
people might be more inclined to click on your ads since you’ll be familiar to
them. If clickthrough rises, your cost per click might be able to drop without
hurting your ranking.

Not a big brand? Have good
creative, and you can reap the clickthrough reward, as well.

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