Yahoo Acquires WhereOnEarth, Provider of Local and Location Based Services

A note on the Yahoo Search Blog alerts us to Yahoo acquiring UK’s WhereonEarth, that amongst many services, can help deliver location based local advertising They also do work in wireless location based services, hello Yahoo Mobile

According to Rafat, WhereonEarth has has a limited deal with Yahoo for five years.

In an offline world 80-90% of purchases happen within 8-10 miles of your home. We believe this will carry over into the online world and in an increasingly personalized internet, users should expect their search results to reflect their lives more precisely. Same for advertisers ? they need to target users with more meaningful, relevant ads based on the user?s locality.

Sounds similar to my scenario with Google being able to offer VERY localized advertising with their Wi-Fi ventures. John Battelle makes a few interesting points about Yahoo’s potential Wi-Fi plans on his blog.

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