Gmail Becomes Googlemail in the UK

Gmail is now known (at least for the time being) as Googlemail in the UK.

Since January we’ve been blogging about a UK company that claims it was using the name G-mail for a mail service before Google launched their Gmail.

Today, according, to, Google (at least for the present time) is changing the name of it’s mail service to Googlemail in the UK.

Why did Google make the change?

A Google representative said that the search giant decided to change the suffix after protracted wranglings with research firm Independent International Investment Research (IIIR), which uses the name G-mail to refer to a part of its financial analytics software.

“We are still working with the courts and trademark office to ensure our ability to use the Gmail name, but this could take years to resolve,” the representative said. “And in the meantime, we want our users to have an email address and experience they can rely on. We also want to relieve both Google and our users of the distraction of the dispute.”

While all previous Gmail accounts will remain valid, new U.K. users signing up for Google’s email service will be given accounts ending in, rather than

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Postscript: As PL points out, Gmail is has been known as Google Mail in Germany since the summer.

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