Google Releases New Keyword Research Tool To Advertisers

New Keyword Popularity Tool Debuts in Adwords Accounts
over in our SEW
Forums has SEW forum editor Elisabeth Osmelowski spotting the new
Google AdWords Keyword
and inviting discussion. Aaron Wall over at SEO Book in
New Google AdWords
Keyword Suggestion Tool
provides a nice rundown on what it offers, including
sorting by popularity, performance history, cost and predicted ad position. He
also points at a new page of

from Google about the new tool.

I took a quick spin myself. Enter a term, and you get back a list ranked by
"relevance," though Google doesn’t really explain what relevance is despite a

supposedly answering this. I mean, if I enter [cars] into the search
box, why exactly is "rental cars" more relevant than "donate cars?"

Using a drop down box, the "Keyword Popularity" option is much more helpful.
Now I can see a new Search Volume column. Unlike with Yahoo’s tool, there aren’t
counts given. Instead, PageRank-like bars show popularity, the more green, the
better. Click on the Search Volume hyperlink above the column, and now things
sort by popularity. Slick! It’s something you couldn’t do with the
old tool.

Check out the Site-Related Keywords tab on the new tool. Enter the URL of a
page, and Google will show you all the key terms it thinks the page is relevant
for. That’s nice for contextual targeting, the intent of the tool. But it’s also
a useful way to see what terms Google thinks an important page is relevant for.
Or enter your own page, and see if Google’s finding you relevant for the terms
you think you should be targeting.

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Keyword Popularity Tool Debuts in Adwords Accounts

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