VIew Interviews with Dave Winer, Brewster Kahle, and Others

If you’re looking for some weekend viewing and/or listening and/or reading you might want to check out NerdTV from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

You can view the programs online, download them podcasts, and also access the transcripts. The program consists of interviews by Robert X. Cringley with Internet “big names” and pioneers. The program has been online for several weeks and will continue for about eight more weeks. You’ve got to love how the video has been edited. View the whole show online or just watch the “juicy” or “nerdy” part (perfect for the short attention-span types.

Four programs already online that might be of special note to some of you:

  • Dave Winer
  • “Father of RSS and Web Logging”

  • Tim O’Reilly
  • “Open Source Pioneer”

  • Brewster Kahle
  • “Internet Archive Founder”

  • Max Levchin
  • “Co-founder of PayPal”

I could go on but go check out the list for yourself. Btw, Eric Schmidt (you’ve heard of him (-:) will be interviewed in about 6 weeks.

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