Daily SearchCast On Hiatus Until Nov. 8; Webmaster Radio Hit Hard By Hurricane Wilma

As I blogged
, I’m on vacation this week, as is Chris Sherman while Gary Price is
travelling at a conference. Despite his traveling, Gary was going to diligently
keep the Daily
going this week, and we were considering having a guest host do
it next week when both Gary and I were gone. However, Hurricane Wilma hit our
podcasting partner Webmaster Radio hard.
They’re based out of Fort Lauderdale. Daron and gang over there have evacuated
to Orlando. His home was one of the few in his neighborhood that came out OK,
but the lack of services meant they needed to get out. For you Webmaster Radio
listeners, Daron tells music will continue throughout this week, then
shows should begin returning
next week depending on how conditions develop. As for the Daily SearchCast, it
will be back on November 8, when I’ve returned from vacation and hopefully (and
everyone in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida) are more on their feet. And just
in case we’ve got people who only get news about the podcast by listening to it,
here’s a short MP3
file that
recaps what I just wrote.

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