Google Tweaks Web Search Features Page With Info About Inline Image Results

Since many of you follow every one of Google’s move (even the very small ones), I thought I would toss out a small tweak that they made to their Web Search Features page today. The page now includes a mention of “inline” image results (from Google Images) being available in some cases at the top of Google Web Search results pages.

Actually, this is NOT a new feature but one that has been around since the beginning of the year. The page also points out the using terms like “pics [baseball], pictures [dogs] or images [bridges] in your query will almost always return images at the top of web results pages.

The concept of including inline image results on web results pages, if certain trigger words are used, is not new. Ask Jeeves has been offering this feature since 2003.

Yahoo does much the same. However, Yahoo takes it a step further and allow a small amount of natural language in the query string to bring back more precise results on image results pages and on some web results pages. Examples and more explanation here.

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