Google Wants to Make TV Ads More Relevant

Well, what would a weekend be without some good ol’ solid Google speculation? According to the New York Times article: Google Wants to Dominate Madison Avenue, Too Google wants to use its technology to make ads on TV (and just about everywhere else) more relevant. Thanks to Nick for the heads-up on the article.

As Nick points out, it’s a good read. Here are just a few points that caught my attention:

…Google is also preparing to disrupt the advertising business itself, by replacing creative salesmanship with cold number-crunching. Its premise so far is that advertising is most effective when seen only by people who are interested in what’s for sale, based on what they are searching for or reading about on the Web. Because Google’s ad-buying clients pay for ads only when users click on them, they can precisely measure their effectiveness – and are willing to pay more for ads that really sell their products.

Now it [Google] is preparing to extend its technology to nearly every other medium, most significantly television. It is looking toward a world of digital cable boxes and Internet-delivered television that will allow it to show commercials tailored for each viewer, as it does now for each Web page it displays.

This proposition, he [Eric Schmidt] continued, is applicable to other media. “If we can figure out a way to improve the quality of ads on television with ads that have real value for end-users, we should do it,” he said. While he is watching television, for example, “Why do I see women’s clothing ads?” he said. “Why don’t I see just men’s clothing ads?”
–Eric Schmidt

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