Review: Google and Yahoo Hiring Booms

Those of you who look at our blog regularly know that we try to post interesting and “telling” job openings at Google, Yahoo, and elsewhere. Chris has already blogged about Google WILL hire programs to support Open Office despite reports to the contrary. That’s part of the story. This afternoon, Elinor Mills at talks about the hiring rampages at both Google and Yahoo in the article: Google hiring like it’s 1999.

In its most recent quarter, which ended Sept. 30, Google added 800 employees, bringing its global work force to 4,989. That’s more than triple the total from just two years ago.

Btw, Google employed 2668 as of Sept 30, 2004.

According to Hoover’s, Yahoo had more than 7600 employees in 2004, growing about 38%.

Here’s a quick review of a few (and I mean just a few) recent Google and Yahoo job related stories and employment postings from various sources:
+ Via Google Hires New Public-Affairs Chief
+ Via Google hires another China exec

+ Via SEW Blog: Google Hiring Mac Developers
+ Via SEW Blog: Google Begins Hiring for Some Sort of Facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan
+ Via SEW Blog: Google Seeks Sales Team For Payment Solution
+ Via SEW Blog: Google TV Job Posting: Gone After a Day Online

And some very recent postings:
+ Google: Creative Maximizer Coordinator
Now, that’s a job title! Work in Chicago!
+ Google: Gmail Coordinator and Froogle Coordinators (Temp Jobs)
+ Google: Inside Sales Representative, Google Payment Solutions – New York
+ Google: Google Earth Inside Sales Representative

+ Yahoo: AJAX Web Developer – My Yahoo
+ Yahoo: Senior Editor, Yahoo! Tech: Yahoo! Inc
+ Yahoo: Yahoo! Research Scientist, Search Content Analysis Team
+ Yahoo: Product Manager, Yahoo! Search Submit
+ Yahoo: Product Manager, Yahoo! Global Search Syndication
+ Yahoo: Principal Software Engineer – Chinese Search Technology
+ Yahoo: Director, UED for PC Client — Yahoo!

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