Looking at the Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season at Yahoo Shopping

In his non-stop series of interviews with influential people in the shopping search biz, Brian Smith from ComparisonEngines.com has posted a recent chat with Rob Solomon & Chris Saito from Yahoo Shopping that looks at Y’s plans for the holiday shopping season including talk of Yahoo’s new mobile shopping tool (launched in September) and their Shopping Gift Finder that became available in the Spring.

From the interview:

Q. How do you expect most people to shop ? browse or search?

Rob: ?People are still doing both, but search is a much bigger driver; people end up on the site through search queries, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM). More people start in a search destination and then get into search and browse. Probably 65-70% of people are searching,?

Chris: ?Certain categories lend themselves to browsing ? like apparel. Browse is driven by category.?

Rob: ?We view vertical search as one of the most important things that we?re doing. Browsing is a big

Btw, on an somewhat unrelated note, I taught a class today and Yahoo Shopping SmartSort (now two years old) continues to “wow” them when demonstrated. It’s also great to see that Yahoo continues to update the reviews that the service uses. Yahoo Mindset from Yahoo Research, released in May, uses the same type of interface and intent-driven technology.

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