Ask Jeeves Acquisition Helps IAC/InterActive Narrow Losses

John and Rafat both point out that the IAC/InterActive quarterly earnings call took place yesterday and the Jeeves acquisition made an impact on the company.

Rafat writes:

Ask Jeeves helped narrow the operating loss in the media and advertising business to $900,000 from $12 million. Sales jumped 958% to $83.5 million. Sales at Ask Jeeves rose 15%.

More from the IAC news release:

Ask Jeeves? properties increased their share of U.S. search queries to 6.4% in September (source: comScore). Ask Jeeves? decision to significantly reduce the number of sponsored search results on its site is believed to have enhanced the search experience for users…For the full quarter, as compared to its prior year period, Ask Jeeves increased revenue by 15%.

Finally, this Clickz article has a few comments from IAC CEO, Barry Diller:

“There’s a symbiosis that’s natural between a search engine and these fantastic vertical services,” Diller said. “As you integrate these into search results, you give consumers a better value-add than they can get anywhere else. It’s that differentiation that will allow us to grow share.”

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