Details Emerge on Google Force One

When Google co-founders Page and Brin purchased a used Boeing 767 earlier this year, details were sketchy. Today the Wall Street Journal has page-one coverage filling in many missing details—and naturally, the plane will feature in-flight internet access.

The plane will hold about 50 passengers when its refit is complete.

People in the aviation industry familiar with the planned interior say it will have a sitting area, two staterooms with adjoining lavatories and a shower. Farther aft will be a large sitting-and-dining area. At the rear will be 12 to 16 first-class seats for guests or employees and a large galley.

Why a used 767 rather than a new business jet?

Mr. Page acknowledges that the purchase might seem ostentatious. But “we tend to have an engineering approach, to be fact-based,” he says. “We looked at this and we just did the economics and we said, ‘you know, it makes a lot of sense.'”

The jet was bought for personal, not business use. What kinds of trips will it be used for?

As for what they plan to do with it, Mr. Page wouldn’t be specific. He says “part of the equation for this sort of machinery is to be able to take large numbers of people to places such as Africa. I think that can only be good for the world.”

The full story is available here.

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