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Kayak Buzz from travel search engine/aggregator Kayak allows the searcher to see what are the “‘best fares'” to the most searched destinations from any airport in the world based on the searches other Kayak users have conducted. Your results are mapped on a Google Map. I wonder if they’ll try it with MSN or Yahoo Maps?

The service combines some of the most popular ideas and topics in the online/search world today (below in no specific order):

  • Using the web to spot “buzz”
  • Google Maps
  • Mashups
  • Communities of Users
  • Vertical Search and travel search aggregators

Let’s run a search. We’ll search for the best 25 fares from Chicago-O’Hare Airport (ORD). You can enter a city or airport code. If you enter a city name, a drop down appear with choices of airports.

  • Enter ORD
  • Click the “Get the Buzz Button”
  • A Google Map will appear with colored icons (depending on the fare) next to the cities for the best 25 fares
  • In the left column, you’ll see a list of fare prices and cities. You can limit to a specific price range by moving the slider
  • Now, click on the city name on the list of map
  • I’ll select Phoenix. A pop-up appears with the price someone paid, the travel dates, the source of the fare, and how many searches the price is based on.
  • Remember, if you search for the same fare you might not get it. Why? You might be traveling on different dates and airline fares are constantly changing.

Bottom Line: Fun and interesting technology that might even turn you on to a great airfare.

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