Yahoo Lowers Ad Deposit To $5

First Yahoo
its $20 per month minimum spend requirement for search ads last
month. Now today, the Yahoo Search Blog
has announced that
the minimum deposit to get started has dropped from $30 to $5 (on the US side,
at least — in the
UK, it’s
still about $100 required). That’s the same as Google has long requested, and
Google has never had a minimum ad spend. So I guess Yahoo’s now completed the
transition of making getting started with search ads the same as Google. Of
course, ads at Yahoo remain ranked by who pays the most, while Google factors
clickthrough rate as a key component. But that’s expected to change next year,
as we’ve reported
before. Want to discuss? Of course you want to discuss! Come by our thread at
the Search Engine Watch Forums,

Yahoo! Search Marketing Lowers Deposit

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