Google Giving Away Google Mini With Google Search Enterprise Purchase

So a correction to my earlier post in this spot (the original still below for
those who care). Google’s got a new deal going on now where those who purchase a Google Search
to replace an existing solution are also given a
Google Mini for
free. That’s basically a smaller scale version of the GSA (more on the
difference is

). So not quite the potential sweetener to get people to dump their
existing enterprise search solution that I thought before.

Original Post: Google gives so many other products away for free that I guess it shouldn’t
be a surprise it has decided to do the same with its enterprise search product,
the Google Search
. The company has just

that anyone that wants to give up their existing enterprise search
tool can get the basic version of the search appliance, the Google Mini. You’ve
got to the end of the year to do so via this
page. The real
question will be, will they give anyone any version of the appliance for free
next year, hoping somehow to make money off of ads shown on enterprise search.
Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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